Blue Light Effects

Now a days, most people uses some sort of digital devices like mobile, iPad, tablet, laptop more for hours in daily use. Electronics devices are always with us in the age of 21st century and make our routine interactions with our environment. These electronics devices produces Blue light.

But it damages our eyes very badly in long run and can lead to eye fatigue and over time. Many people must be facing this problem.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a light spectrum having a wavelength between 400-495 nm generated by LED devices. It is a type of high energy visible light. Blue light sources are increasing day by day in today’s environment and technology.  People are increasingly exposed to it via daily technology use.

Dangers of Blue Light

Natural blue light exposure boosts our energy, but artificial Blue light use impacts and disrupts our health.

Many people have the job of continuously sitting in front of computer screen. At the end the day, our eyes fell discomfort, tired and red to see it continuously hours. Study shows that people who spend two or more hours with digital devices, experiences digital eye strain.

How can we protect our eyes and decrease these effects?

Avoid using digital devices 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.

Do not spend much hours in the sun during peak time.

Take breaks in between digital viewing. As per 20-20-20 rule, look away every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds and stare for 20 seconds.

Add screen filters to your digital devices.

Lens technology can help us to cure vision problems and protect eyes from blue light, glare and other environment. There are lenses which are constructed specifically for the mid-distance range at which people use digital screen. These lenses allow non-harmful light to pass through and we get clear vision without any digital stress.

Take care of your eyes as it is one of rare god gift


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