PUBG Addiction

PUBG Addiction

Playing game is a waste of time and addiction of game is very bad habit. Few people may not like my comments. PUBG is very popular game people found. Children and adults all are being addicted by it. More and more people are taking interest and get into it. It works in mobile and PC/Laptop both. Many people are comfortable with laptop or desktop. But when you start playing, you will forget your routing activities like time to have breakfast, lunch,office work and being irresponsible . You will always think that when I get time and start playing PUBG. Actually people spare time for playing it.

Its a disease

I have seen in many colleges, where many students play it in canteen taking breakfast or lunch. Due to PUBG addiction, they shout in the canteen for taking help or giving instruction to their team member to follow or help each other. People find it proud if they clear more levels. People get good feeling in fighting with enemies with team. They always think that when will I get free and start playing it. When they stop playing it, then after also, they think of running, shooting, fighting, shouting and talking with other team members. You forget and avoid all your important work due to playing this game.

Clinic for curing Tech based addictions

There are clinics opened to cure these kind of tech based addictions or gaming disorders. One article was published for 10th class student in Hindustan times, who was so immersed that he stayed up until 2-3 AM playing the game, woke up late and often missed school. His parents took him to SHUT (Service for Healthy Use of Technology) clinic, which helps people deal with technology based addictions.

WHO recognized gaming as disorder in the month of June. The boy showed all the symptoms of tech addiction.

Stay away from GAMES

So request you all to stay away from this kind of game and do not waste your valuable time. Learn new good things and make your life happy

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  1. Hi Bhavin, liked your topic. Actually screen addiction is more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. And no one but we have to start a movement against gaming.

    • Absolutely right. Actually we have to start with our family only ,which is in our control at some level and then start making understand other parents or people and more importantly ,we also need to change ourselves ,otherwise children will not hear us.

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